Who We Are                                                                     


The Ark Community Church is a nondenominational, Bible-based Christian church started in January 2007.

“The Ark” was started so people could be part of a warm and welcoming atmosphere where it is safe to worship and explore your relationship with God. We feel a church should be a place to help you in the storms of l

ife, carry you during floods of troubles, and celebrate with you when your feet are on solid ground.  It is a place in which we come together to be united, not divided, by our faith and love through Jesus Christ.

A church should also provide the teachings, the opportunities, and the awareness on how to apply one’s faith in life. “The Ark” was created to provide this for those that attend, for we strongly believe that Christianity is not a religion but a way of life. It is taking the Bible, the word of God, out of the church and into the world.

If this is what you think a church should be and what you are looking for in a church … join us to experience it at “The Ark”.


A little about our name                                                  


Our name The Ark speaks of our faith in God’s many promises found through His words in the Bible and of our relationship with Him. It also represents our belief in caring for all of God’s creation. We call ourselves a community church because we believe in coming together as a community. We also believe in reaching out, helping, and assisting; first the Western New York communities where we reside and then beyond to the world wide community.