Ark Angels Nature Ministry                                                                    





Angels have always fascinated people and have had many duties assigned to them for centuries.  One of those duties is being a “messenger from God”.  This is why we call the ministry Ark Angels.  It is this duty of “carrying a message” that the educational animals from The Ark Community Church’s Natural Ministry serve.

We see our natural ministry as a benefit for the community through providing educational programs for schools, other churches, assisted living facilities and other organizations.  Through this ministry we hope to allow people the opportunity to see the natural world in a personal way and discover the other inhabitants that live with them in their neighborhood.

We also see opportunities for people, especially young adults, to join us in caring for and training the animals through which they will develop a deeper respect and take a greater responsibility for all of creation.  It is also our hope that as the relationship between animal caretaker, trainer and/or handler develops, so to will there be a development of a deeper appreciation and relationship with other people, their community, their environment and God.