God’s Vision for The Ark                                  

We see the future where The Ark is a church community that is built on relationships that develop into friendships, and a love that binds us together as a strong Christian family. These relationships are fostered in a safe, loving, joyful, and trusting environment.

We see this church community as a refuge for the hurting, depressed, lonely, lost, confused, and frustrated where there is unconditional support, love, and acceptance.

We see the growth of our membership to be unlimited and welcome all as we share and spread the news about The Word, The Way, and The Life through Western New York.

We see the support of missionaries within our community and worldwide to help the lost and those in need, through missionaries or daughter churches.

Crown of Thorns on Cross
Care of the Earth

We see the spiritual life of our membership grow as we provide for that development each time we gather in Bible Studies, small groups, retreats, seminars, and worship service. With this spiritual growth our membership will desire to walk as a reflection of Christ within the community.

We see our members discovering and developing their spiritual gifts with the opportunities to utilize these gifts in service to God and the community.

We see a church building on at least 30 acres of land. The land will be used to build a facility that will seat our membership for worship, counseling center, training / resources facilities, recreation area, children / youth and community center. We see in conjunction a nature center with trails, gardens, and areas to enjoy God’s creation. This center will house injured animals to be used in our educational programs, community outreach, youth and adult ministries. We see work to preserve the lands in our community and world as stewards of God’s great work.

We see this clearly and confidently as the future of The Ark Community Church for we are led by God as he works through our church to fulfill his vision.